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Storky's provides a convenient, environmentally-friendly diaper delivery service in three remarkably easy steps:

a) You place the soiled diapers in the sealed diaper liner on your doorstep, twice a week on your scheduled delivery days.

b) Then when we pick-up, we will leave you a sanitized set of diapers in a clean diaper liner.

c) You remove the clean diapers and place the new liner in your pail ready to collect used diapers.


Please view our Terms & conditions for further details


Bronze service


per week**

Great for parents who already have covers & a pail.

Twice weekly deliveries of freshly laundered, highly sanitized diapers.


Silver Service


Per Week**

Our most popular package for new parents.

Twice weekly deliveries of freshly laundered, highly sanitized diapers.

4 covers per size delivered as requested.

Includes Storky's start up package.


Gold Service


Per week***

Luxury service with your baby's name on the diapers. 

Twice weekly deliveries of freshly laundered, highly sanitized diapers.

4 covers per size delivered as requested.

Includes Storky's start up package.

Brand new personalized diapers for only your baby's use.



Reduce your waste further by adding wipes to any of the services above for a low weekly cost  of $3.99* for a rotation of up to 100 wipes per week, or $4.99* for 100-160 per week.

 With our soft terry cotton wipes just add water for a chemical free cleanse then place the used wipes into the same pail liner as your diapers.

What our customers are saying

"I find the service to be incredibly convenient and less expensive than buying regular diapers. I love how soft the bamboo is" Anna, Cambridge.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

We love that Storky's prevents thousands of disposables entering the landfill everyday

Modern slimline diapers

When considering the cost, environmental, comfort, and health benefits, it makes the decision easy. Plus with Storky’s Diaper Service you receive the convenience of having fresh clean diapers delivered to your doorstep….You will never have to worry about an emergency late-night diaper run again

Storky's start up package

Storky's Start-up package is only $59.99* with a diaper pail (or $29.99* without a pail), and includes three reusable pail liners, and a pail deodorizer. Read our full Terms and Conditions. (Start-up package only applies to the Bronze service as it is included with the Silver and Gold)

Storky's covers

Storky’s Bronze package does not include covers; we recommend purchasing 4-6 Covers. Covers can be used 6-7 times unless soiled and can be cleaned with your household laundry. Covers are purchased through Storky’s, and will be delivered right to your door.

High tech elastics on all sides of the cover and wick resistant binding make this diaper cover virtually leak proof. A double row of adjustable snaps across the front makes it a sure fit in each of its sizes. Purchase covers based on the weight of your child.

XSm (8-12 lbs) - CDN $16.95

Sm (10-18 lbs) - CDN $19.75

Med (18-27 lbs) - CDN $19.75

Lg (27-35 lbs) - CDN $19.75

XLg (35-45lbs) - CDN $21.75

Special Promotion: Storky's will offer a 5% discount if clients pay for a 6 month period. We will also offer a 10% sibling discount and a 15% discount if the family has three children using our service.

* Plus applicable taxes.

** With Storky's Silver service there is NO contract. However if you choose to cancel your service prior to your baby being potty trained, we will calculate the amount of product you have received (i.e covers, pail) and not yet paid in full, to determine what if any balance is remaining.

*** Storky's Gold plan requires the same calculation as the Silver plan (see above), plus a signed contract for the first 12 months. Please read our full Terms and Conditions for more information

All  clients will have a small fuel charge based on location.

How many diapers will I receive?

We initially set you up with 70 diapers per week, then will adjust accordingly depending on your individual usage. 

Can I purchase the diapers?

Yes, we are working on our Store in the background. in the meantime If you would like to purchase diapers, please contact Melanie at 519-212-7967.

What diaper cream do you recommend?

At Storky's we ask that you avoid the use of zink & petroleum based creams. We recommend any natural cream for example Earth Mamma Angel Baby.

Do you have night diapers?

Yes, please contact us if you would like to add night diapers, absorbent inserts or stay dry inserts to your weekly rotation at no extra charge. 

Do I have to flush solids?

We recommend that you flush the solid prior to placing the diaper into the pail, however this is just a recommendation and not mandatory.

How can I purchase a gift card for a friend?

Please contact us to arrange a gift card. 

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