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Storky's wash process

Our modern cleaning facility in Cambridge, Ontario is home to many large industrial washers and dryers. The washers and dryers are quite different from those at your home. Home laundry machines simply can not get hot enough to clean your diapers thoroughly, and heat is an imperative part of the cleaning process.

Our machines use less water and energy than home laundering equipment since they can be programmed to our own particular settings by our laundering expert.

 Under our cleaning process our diapers are washed to a minimum of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, firstly they undergo  thorough intense rinses to remove all waste, which is drained into the sewer system. Then they are washed in our Natural, SLS, Phosphate free, CFIA approved detergents, that are mechanically injected into the wash process based on the size of the load, this system guarantees the correct amount of fragrance free detergent per load. Given the nature of our business we do encounter stains that do need a deeper cleanse, we call this wash a reclaim wash and only perform them occasionally. During this process we do pull in a very small amount of chlorinated de-stainer to remove stubborn stains, these diapers are then placed back through our natural, fragrance free, SLS & Phosphate free  wash to bring them back to a neutral PH  for your baby to use. All diaper companies use some sort of chlorinated de-stainer, some claim to not be using bleach but state they use Hydrogen Peroxide which is in fact a bleach


 When the diapers have completed the wash and intense spin cycles  to remove all detergent and excess moisture, they are placed into our extremely hot dryers. Once removed from the dryers our well trained team thoroughly check the diapers, we do not send any stained diapers out for delivery, even though they are completely bacterial free. 

 The process and conveyor belt like system that we use does not cross soiled with clean diapers. We work very closely with our detergent company to guarantee our diapers are highly sanitized using the same process as hospitals, care homes and other diaper companies.

All our diapers are checked for PH levels, always ensuring they are ready to sit next to your baby's delicate skin.

By using cloth diapers, you are making a conscious choice to save our landfills from unnecessary waste.

Our Cloth Diaper Service releases solid waste where it belongs – into the sewage system where it is treated with other household waste.

When using Storky's diaper service our team is involved in every step of the laundering of your diapers.

We take pride in always researching the newest recommendations that make our laundering process have the  least amount of impact on our environment.

We launder with bio-degradable, environmentally friendly detergents, package our diapers in reusable bags, and deliver our diapers in well researched energy-efficient routes.