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Storky's terms & Conditions


Storky’s is a diaper delivery service that provides cloth diapers to your home, twice per week. Also included in our service is a rotation of pail liners. Our cloth diapers are delivered twice per week on scheduled days, the clean diapers will be delivered in a cloth pail liner for your use. Please leave your used diapers on your door step ready for pickup after 7.00 a.m. on your scheduled delivery date, if your diapers are not available for collection on your scheduled delivery day, we will deliver clean diapers, one time only. At your next scheduled delivery date if your used diapers are not available for collection we will not leave any further clean diapers (if you have chosen our Gold service, when we collect your double diaper supply we will leave clean diapers, however these diapers will be as per our Bronze package). You will be billed for your diaper service when you do not leave them out for collection and any diapers not returned or damaged as a result of not leaving your diapers out for collection, will be billed at $14.00 per diaper. If you predict your supply of diapers will run out before your next scheduled delivery date due to a Storky’s error, we will deliver more diapers within 24 - 48 business hours. If you run low or run out due to an unusual increase in your diaper usage, please provide Storky's with 24 - 48 business hours and we will accommodate the necessary changes into your next scheduled delivery. If you require Storky’s to deliver additional diapers to you prior to your delivery day you will be billed an additional weekly charge + applicable gas surcharge. No changes can be made to deliveries during non-business hours, please provide 24 - 48 business hours for any changes to be made to your delivery. Storky’s does not deliver on statutory holidays; you will be notified of your temporary delivery date in advance to accommodate for any statutory holidays.


Please provide Storky’s with 1 weeks’ notice for any vacation stops. We would love you to continue using our cloth diaper service while on vacation and will work with you to provide extra diapers please contact us to arrange this facility. All used diapers are to be returned prior to your vacation.


Storky’s Bronze and Silver package requires an initial 4 week commitment. Storky’s Gold package requires a 12 month commitment. Storky's Gold and Silver packages include a starter pack and 4 diaper covers of each size dependant on babies size through out the term of our agreement. I confirm that if I cancel the service I agree to pay Storky's any additional applicable costs based on the starter pack and amount of covers I have received through their service. Storky's will calculate the cost of the starter pack and covers I have received minus any payments I have made. (Over and above the basic delivery package) I understand that the starter pack and diaper covers payments have been added to my weekly delivery service with payment split over the diapering years. In addition for Storky’s Gold service, payment at 10% of your remaining commitment will be charged. The first 4 weeks are to be paid in advance; further payments are required every 4 weeks. NSF cheques will incur a fee of $25.00. We accept payment by cash, cheque, direct debit, Visa, or Mastercard.

Customer responsibility

Preferably solid waste is to be flushed and the diaper placed in the liner in your diaper pail. Do not use zinc based creams as this can damage the absorbency of our diapers. Place only Storky’s diapers in your diaper pail liner.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation of service after you have received your starter pack requires at least 7 days notice, with no refunds on payments already processed. However if you have chosen our 6 or 12 month payment option and are cancelling prior to the paid to end date, the original discount you received will no longer be applicable. Any refund on your remaining balance, will be minus payment at the regular service rate, from commencement of service to the end of the calendar month cancellation notification was received. Failure to return all cloth diapers and pail liners will result in a cost of $14.00 per diaper and $15.00 per pail liner. We reserve the right to cancel Storky’s service if you continuously abuse our products or service.